Jonas Brothers Reveal Five Unreleased Tracks From Their Would-Be Album ‘V’

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Jonas Brothers fans, rejoice! Though the band announced their separation last month, they've released a digital download of the would-be final album V, that features five songs that were recorded live during their summer tour, and five studio-recorded songs.

Take a listen to the five tracks — "Neon," "Wedding Bells," "The World," "What Do I Mean to You," and "Found" — below.


"Wedding Bells"

"The World"

"What Do I Mean to You"


Apparently, some fans aren't too fond of the tracks, and can understand why it was a struggle to get the album made in the first place. But what do YOU think of these songs? Are you glad you get to hear them? Or are you bummed because it's prob the last we'll hear from them for a while? Sound off in the comments section!

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