There Might Be Proof That the Jonas Brothers are Planning a Reunion Tour

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Another day, another set of Jonas Brothers reunion rumors. But this time, there actually might be proof that Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas could be planning a tour, so excuse us while we go hyperventilate in the corner.

A member of the Morning Breathers Facebook group dropped what might be VERY exciting information about the band of brothers reuniting and performing live for the first time in five years.

The person shared a picture of an email with the subject line ‘Jonas Brothers Touring’ and wrote, “First time poster here…. I work at an insurance company in event planning but my friend who is an underwriter gets all the inside scoop on tours before they are announced. Looks like the Jonas brothers rumors were true!”

Joe, Nick and Kevin were spotted filming something in Sydney, Australia, last month, sparking more speculation that they are planning something big. Some people tried to say they were doing something that was going to be featured on The Voice Australia, where JJ was a judge, but the show ended and there was never anything about the JoBros.

Last time the 25-year-old was asked about making music with his siblings again, he said there was “no reunion planned,” but not to count it out completely.

“I can never say never; you never know what’s going to happen,” Nick explained.

So, could it be? We sure as heck hope so; we need this one, y’all.