12 Jonas Brothers Lyrics That Are Actually the Most Savage Breakup Texts

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If I were to be completely, 100% honest — which I almost always refuse to be — I’d have to say that, deep down, the one thing that I crave most of all is to break up with someone via text message while exclusively using lyrics from Jonas Brothers songs.

I can’t explain why I feel this way. I just know that it is true, just as the sun rises in the East and sets in the West and that Nick Jonas is almost certainly being blackmailed by someone, because he can’t stop showing up in random places. But hear me out — the Jonas Brothers, in many ways, served as the voice of our generation from 2007-2010. (Or, to be more exact, the look of our generation.)

They wore purity rings. They introduced their younger brother, Frankie, to the world and called him a “bonus Jonas.” They sang of undeniably relatable, important things, such as Flux Capacitators and the divisive nature of Hollywood. But, most importantly, many of these songs contain some truly savage burns — more savage than any lyric in the rap game, honestly — that are perfect for a lot of things, but especially your next breakup.

Though the Jonas Brothers’ heyday is behind them, why not let them serve once again as the voice (well, virtual voice) of your breakup? I’m not saying that you have to save them as a draft on your phone for when the moment arrives but, like, you probably should:

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