Announcing Jonas Brothers Version 2.0! #JoBrosBackOn

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What is going on? First the Jonas Brothers canceled their tour, then deleted their Twitter account, then finally announced the split of the band. Now, after months of heartbreak among the fandom, rumor's going around that a reunion is already in the works!

Here's what E! News' Ken Baker tweeted this week:

Considering Joe has a new gig as guest fashion blogger for New York magazine, Nick's helping pal Demi Lovato with her Neon Lights tour and Kevin is a new dad — have you seen Alena Rose?? — it seems highly unlikely that a full-scale band reconciliation will occur, but it sounds like there's a promise of… something. Right?

Would you want to see the trio back together? Or do you think it's time for the JoBros to retire for good? Spill in the comments below, people!

Watch as the Jonas Brothers talk split on Good Morning America:

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