The Internet Reacts to Rumors of Jonas Brothers Reunion

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After the Jonas Brothers spontaneously cancelled their tour and broke up due to a “deep rift” last October, fans of the band rejoiced as rumors of a reunion began swirling last night. According to Radar Online, Nick, Joe and Kevin have put aside their differences and are apparently ready to officially reunite as a band. A source said that the reunion will probably happen sooner rather than later and “the Jonas Brothers will be back together by the end of this summer.”

Only a few short hours following the initial information was released, however, Gossip Cop was quick to shoot down the rumors. Apparently another source close to the family told GC that Radar’s report was “completely untrue.”

Despite the back and forth, fans’ excitement didn’t seem to waiver. And we don’t blame them — JoBros fans will take any hope they can get at this point!

Do you think the rumors are true? If the Jonas Brothers DO reunite, will you go see them on tour or buy their music? Tell us in the comments below!

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