Jonas Brothers Filmed Something This Weekend, So Cue the Reunion Rumors

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The year kicked off with rumors that the Jonas Brothers were gearing up for a reunion all because of a reactivated Instagram account, but Nick Jonas was quick to shut ’em down.

“We hung out for a weekend all together, then I guess our Instagram was restarted or reopened,” he explained on the red carpet of the 60th Annual Grammy Awards. “But I can tell you, there’s no reunion planned.”

He left us with a glimmer of hope, however, adding, “But I can never say never; you never know what’s going to happen.”

Perhaps Nick DID know what’s going to happen, because he, Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas were spotted walking around Sydney, Australia, with a camera crew in tow over the weekend.

SAY WHHHAAAAAAT?! Fans are obviously #shook by this development and many think that a JoBros reunion actually IS on the horizon.

But hold on just a minute. Joe is currently a judge on The Voice Australia in Sydney, so perhaps his brothers joined him for something that has to do with the show. Or, ya know, all of our dreams could be coming true and the Jonas Brothers could be coming back to bless us with more bops like “Burnin’ Up” and “Pom Poms.” WHATEVEZ!