9 Times the Jonas Brothers Appeared in Music Videos with Their Girlfriends

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In celebrity world, appearing in your S.O’s music video is peak #relationshipgoals and is the best way to confirm that you’re in a committed and loving relationship. There’s nothing better than seeing your fave couple work together or when a pair that you think would be perf play love interests in a music video. Gigi Hadid knows all about this because she is the queen of starring in her musician boyfriend’s music videos, and we all collectively lost our minds when she and Zayn locked lips in “Pillow Talk”. Although she wasn’t actually seen on camera for her ex Joe Jonas‘ “Cake By the Ocean” music video with DNCE, she was on set making her directorial debut.

And Gigi isn’t the only one guilty of snuggling on camera with her IRL beau — Joe and his brothers have been doing the same thing since the beginning of the Jonas Brothers!

Joe, Nick Jonas and Kevin Jonas have all used their girlfriends in music videos. It’s strange to think of a time when Joe wasn’t dating Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner or Kevin wasn’t married (with kids) to Danielle Deleasa. These guys all have a long dating history, but these music videos make it easier to narrow down who was once most important in their life. From longtime girlfriends to those who started dating on set, the JoBros definitely know how to turn on the charm on the set of music videos: