The Jonas Brothers Might Be Making a Documentary, So BRB as We FREAK

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We knew it, we knew it, we KNEW IT! Ever since Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas were spotted filming together in Sydney, Australia, a few weeks ago, we knew something was going on with the band of brothers (pun intended, obviously). The boys had a camera crew with them again earlier this week, and this time there might be proof that the Jonas Brothers are reuniting for some sort of documentary.

The boys were seen walking around Wyckoff, New Jersey, their hometown, on June 3rd. They went to a local bagel shop, stopped by their old elementary school and even swung by the house they used to live in…all with cameras filming their every move.

One fan wrote on Instagram, “Omg my aunt used to teach joe jonas so one of her old coworkers called her and told her the jonas brothers were coming back to the old elementary school to film a documentary there and they said it’s a secret by the jonas brothers are apparently getting back together and are announcing it soon and making a documentary!!!”

Another piece of evidence to support the doc theory comes from filmmaker Grant MacDowell, who worked on Demi Lovato‘s Simply Complicated documentary. He posted a video crossing the George Washington Bridge from New York City into New Jersey on Instagram and used the hashtags #newyork #bagel #nj #documentary #film.

Bagel run.. . . . . . #newyork #bagel #nj #documentary #film

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To top it all off, the JoBros’ old body guard Big Rob was hanging out in NYC with their uncle that same night.

At this point, if the Jonas Brothers don’t announce a documentary, reunion tour, new music, etc., we’d be legitimately SHOCKED. It just seems so obvious that the group, which broke up five years ago this October, is planning to do something in the near future, and we could NOT be more excited.