11 Style Crimes the Jonas Brothers Committed During Their Disney Years

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Boy bands were a huge part of the ’90s, but one group managed to make them cool again in the early ’00s — the Jonas Brothers. There was the quiet and shy Nick Jonas (HA! Remember when people could describe him like that?!), the ~rebellious~ Joe Jonas, and the mature Kevin Jonas. No tween was immune to their curly locks, charming smiles and ~innovative~ fashions. But looking back on it, turns out their styles actually weren’t as amazing as we once thought.

While not all of their outfits resulted in a complete fashion fail, there were some choices that are definitely worth forgetting. Don’t hate us — we’ve still got mad love for the JoBros and wish more than anything that they’d reunite. Plus, Joe and Nick (Kevin’s been laying pretty low lately) have proven they have way better style currently, so we can forgive them for any transgressions they committed for the sake of fashion during their time on the Disney Channel