The Shocking Cancer Diagnosis That Shook the Jonas Family to the Core

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The Jonas Brothers may not be a band anymore, but they still remain a super tight-knit family. Nick, Kevin and Joe Jonas‘s bond was put to the test back in March when they learned that their father, Paul (Kevin) Jonas Sr., had colon cancer. The 52-year-old spoke about his diagnosis for the first time on a Charlotte, North Carolina, news station, and also revealed how his famous sons dropped everything to be by his side.

“They canceled their schedule, moved important things,” the Jonas dad, who is often referred to as Papa Jonas, explained. “They stayed with us, had the last meal before the surgery. They walked me into [Memorial] Sloan-Kettering [Cancer Center], which created a little bit of a stir.”

The surgery was a success and his prognosis looks good, but Kevin, who was very healthy up until a couple months ago, will still have to go through chemotherapy treatments in the coming weeks. The family patriarch finally decided to speak out about his diagnosis because he has “a feeling of responsibility” and wants other 50-year-old men to get regularly tested for colon cancer.

None of the famous Jonas boys have publicly commented on their dad’s cancer diagnosis, but it’s obvious that they’re supporting him behind closed doors, and that’s all that really matters.

While it seems like the Jonas Brothers will have their dad around for a long time, these celebrities unfortunately lost their father to cancer: