Jonas Brothers to Reunite for One-Night-Only Concert (and Maybe More)

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When we learned that the Jonas Brothers were set to make a “big announcement” on On Air with Ryan Seacrest today, we didn’t know what to expect. New music seemed the most probable, but no one knew for sure. Well, let us just tell you, it was way more than we ever could’ve expected. For starters, KevinJoe and Nick are set to reunite — for a one-night-only concert this October (the same month Joe’s ex Taylor Swift’s Red album debuts. Coincidence? Tell us what you think in the comments.) at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. According to Nick, those attending can expect “a show that’s all about the music.” The Jonas Brothers “want the production of a show, the bells and whistles to really be in the music and being creative with how we can sort of remix our older music for our fans. But also, introduce this new music in a new and creative way while still having a great light show, great stage set-up, everything. It’s going to be a celebration to be back on the stage together and kind of a party with our fans!”

But if you’re not going to be in the area, no sweat. There’s still plenty of other JoBro goodies to go around, potentially even more performances! Joe says, “For us, we’re going to be trying to do as many shows as we can. But right now, this is our only show in the States playing for the whole year. So, we really want to see people come out from all over the US.”

As for fresh music, Kevin dishes, “We know it’s time to come back and do another album… It’s time, we need to be back on the road together. We’ve been making some really good music that we feel like we’re ready to play and we just can’t wait to see the fans.”

To get tickets to the Jonas Brothers’ 2012 one-night-only concert on October 11, head over to Ticketmaster on Friday, August 24 at 10am EST.

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