YouTube Star Finally Introduces the World to His New Significant Other

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Some YouTube stars choose to tell fans about their significant others almost IMMEDIATELY after they start dating. Others, however, remain tight-lipped about their love life for quite some time. Jonah Green falls somewhere in the middle.

The 21-year-old YouTuber is usually pretty open about his relationships (he publicly dated fellow content creator Claudia Sulewski for a while), but when he started posting pictures with a girl named Fallon Gyurko, people were a bit confused. Yes, the photos showed them looking ADORABLE together and obviously very couple-y, but Jonah never actually called the musician his girlfriend or anything else similar.

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This went on for months without any further details, but the YT guy finally confirmed the news that Fallon IS, in fact, his girlfriend, and they’ve actually be together for a long time now.

“Today is a big day because I’m officially moving out of my apartment and into a house with my girlfriend,” the blue-eyed cutie prefaced the video.

FG then joined JG in the vid, where she shared some fun facts about herself (she’s from Colorado, she’s double-jointed, etc.) and explained how excited she is to live in “a pretty house.”

We are so happy that Jonah feels comfortable enough to let us into his private life and that he seems SO happy with Fallon.

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