Jon Hill Throws Shade After Ex-Wife Jaclyn Seemingly Confirms New BF

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Jon Hill clearly isn’t too thrilled that ex-wife Jaclyn Hill seemingly confirmed she has a new boyfriend. Yesterday, the YouTube beauty guru took to Twitter and posted a picture of her hand laying on top of a mystery man’s and added three heart emojis, which many took as her ~official BF reveal~.

Jon decided to utilize the opportunity to throw some shade at his ex, whom he was married to for almost nine years, by recreating the photo on his Instagram story using a dog’s paw.

A fan named Karissa asked Jac to “please explain” the 29-year-old’s post, and she had a little shade to fire back.

“No explanation,” she responded. “Just let him be petty!”

Jaclyn said she and Jon would “always have love” for each other despite their divorce, which makes this shady exchange quite interesting…especially since its not the first of its kind. Just a few days before they made the official announcement that they were divorcing, the exes dissed each other using YouTube and Instagram.

“There’s nothing I hate more,” Jac said about cool-toned brown eyeshadows, “other than cheaters and liars.”

Jon eventually fired back by tagging the beauty guru in clip from The Wedding Singer on his Instagram story. And no, it wasn’t just any clip — it was the moment where Little Petey says, “Hey Linda, you’re a b*tch.”

The musician denied that the post was supposed to be anything other than a joke, but not many people believed him.