Listen Up! JoJo’s New Single, Plus Her Tour Deets. Psst, They Involve Joe Jonas.

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A JoJo/Demi Lovato duet may not be in the works (yet), but a collab between the R&B singer and Demi’s ex, Joe Jonas, is already underway. No, they’re not about to do a duet (that we know of), but they are hitting the road together… on a joint tour. (Cue the exclamation points!) We already learned that Joe has an upcoming tour with Jay Sean, but now JoJo’s joining them too?! Awe-to-the-some.

As for JoJo’s new single…

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“Disaster” is described as the edgier cousin of “Too Little Too Late,” and it’s about a messy breakup. Hmm, we’re pretty sure everyone can relate to some of these lyrics…

“Feel the fire ’cause it’s all around and it’s burning
For forever and always
We gotta let it go the other be on our way
Look for another day, ’cause it ain’t the same, my baby
Watch it all fall to the ground
No happy ever after, just disaster.”

JoJo’s new single hits iTunes on September 6. Will you go buy it? What do you think of the triple J (JoJo, Joe Jonas, Jay Sean) tour? Tell us in the comments.