John Green’s Paper Towns Greenlit for Movie, Starring Nat Wolff

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Fox 2000 Pictures

YES! The universe is clearly listening to our pleas because another John Green book's being turned into a big-screen movie. After The Fault in Our Stars, which hits theaters on June 6, the world will need to brace itself for the adaptation of the author's Paper Towns.

According to Deadline, "Fox 2000 has made a deal for the 2008 Green novel, Paper Towns, and it is working on bringing bring back together not only the producers and the screenwriters for another go, but also one of the stars"… Nat Wolff! Yes, the 19-year-old actor, who plays Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort's fellow cancer patient, Isaac, in TFiOS, is attached to the project as well.

Though his role has yet to be formally announced, we're gonna assume that Nat will play protagonist Quentin, "a young man who shared a jarring experience with his neighbor Margo: They found a man who committed suicide. They grew apart, but one night he finds her at his bedroom window, dressed like a ninja. She enlists him in a campaign to get revenge on people who've hurt her. Next day, she vanishes as he is left to ponder the ramifications of the evening. Then he begins getting clues from her and has to follow them." More details to come!

Watch the trailer for The Fault in Our Stars!

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