John Green Dodges Questions About Looking for Alaska Movie Replacement

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The Fault in Our Stars will go down as one of the most romantic YA movies of all time, Paper Towns is one of the most highly-anticipated films of the summer, so you can only guess how eager fans of John Green are to learn more about the upcoming book-to-flick adaptation of Looking for Alaska, especially since those same fanatics have been dreamcasting it for months. So when the author tweeted the following, he had to know his dedicated readers would go NUTS:

And they definitely went nuts… only for different reasons than you might think:

It’s the same question over and over: Before Becca Thomas was chosen to direct the film, wasn’t Sarah Polley tapped to be at the helm? And the answer is YES. In fact, one year ago, she was even scheduled to write it, too!

In John Green’s recent Reddit AMA, he said, “I’m really excited that Becca will be directing this film. And with [Michael H.] Weber and [Scott] Neustadter writing the script (they also wrote TFiOS and Paper Towns) and the same producers coming on board, I think there’s an excellent chance it will be a really great movie.”

Unfortunately, he’s managed to dodge questions about the mysterious replacement of Sarah Polley. Fans have been asking him across multiple platforms, but there’s been no information on the topic. It could be that he’s legally not allowed to say, doesn’t know the answer or simply does not want to get involved in a debate. Still, though, we’re dying to know!

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