7 Cute Things Joey King Said About Her BF/Kissing Booth Co-Star, Jacob Elordi

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Ever since The Kissing Booth hit Netflix, the Internet hasn’t been able to stop talking about it — and, TBH, we totally understand why. Like you, we immediately fell in love with the on-screen relationship between the characters Elle Evans and Noah Flynn, but once we found out that the actors who played them are actually dating IRL, it was an absolute game-changer!

Joey King and Jacob Elordi first met one another on the set of the teen romance, and around one year later, they seem to be really into each other. Of course, we have to settle for what they choose to share about their adorable relaysh on social media or in interviews, but still, it seems like true love! (As you can see, we’re choosing to ignore the recent breakup rumors.) Need proof? Well, with a quick look at Joey’s Instagram or recent statements, it’s pretty clear. Don’t believe us? Read on for all of the cutest things she’s said about her on-screen and off-screen bae. They’re TOO cute!