YouTube Star and His Longtime Boyfriend Broke Up and You Had No Idea!

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Stop what you’re doing — Joey Graceffa uploaded a YouTube video with his longtime boyfriend Daniel Preda titled, “WHY WE BROKE UP!” *shaking and crying* Deep breaths, people. While the title technically isn’t clickbait and Janiel really DID go their separate ways…it happened at the start of their relationship and they’re very much still together. WHEW!

Now that we know one of our favorite YouTube couples is still going strong, we can go into the details of the boys’ dramatic split, which happened about 6 months into their relationship. Basically, Joey and Daniel started dating in July 2014, almost a full year before the YouTube star publicly came out as gay. While the 24-year-old was ready for a serious relationship and made his intentions known, the Children of Eden author was still very unsure and pushed him away because he was scared of things getting serious.

Sh*t hit the fan when Joey failed to invite Daniel to celebrate Christmas with him, and shortly after the pair had a heated discussion that led the 25-year-old to break up with the model over text message. OUCH!

The couple remained apart for about two months, but eventually met up on Valentine’s Day 2015, had a long talk again, and got back together when Joey told Daniel he loved him. Watch Janiel explain the rocky patch in their relationship below:

“Now we’re together and we’re happy,” the YT star said sweetly to end the vid.

Before Joey came out, he actually denied that he was gay multiple times. These other now-out stars did the same thing, too: