EXCLUSIVE! Joel Madden Talks Nicole Richie and Crazy Fans

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Good Charlotte‘s new album, “Cardiology” hits stores and iTunes today and — we’ve heard it — it’s awesome. But almost more awesome is the band’s frontman and Nicole Richie‘s fiance, Joel Madden, who we pretty much fell in love with after we did this interview. Why? Because he admitted to us why GC’s first album sucked, told us about his typical nights with Nicole Richie and, oh yeah, totally kept his cool when a crazy fan bit him and made him bleed.

Read on and get deets (and see tons of pics) in our exclusive interview with Joel!

You named the album "Cardiology" for the songs’ connection to the heart. Which song is most heartfelt for you?
I wrote a song for my daughter called "Harlow’s Song." It started off as a lullaby. I literally wrote it at 2 a.m. in the studio by myself, and then my brother and the band heard it. They really liked it and they wanted to put it on the record.

So cute! Is there something that scares you so much that you think you’d need to see a cardiologist?
I’m not one for anything like skydiving. I did go bungee jumping one time, and I’ll probably never do it again. It’s probably one of the scariest things I’ve done. I don’t like heights.

We heard that the album is inspired by Blink-182…
I’ve always been inspired by Blink 182. People have been missing the fun that they bring to music and I hope this record is fun. Obviously the first single ("Like It’s Her Birthday") isn’t very serious, so there is definitely some element of that fun on our record. Not to say it sounds like Blink, but…

What other music do you listen to these days?
It just depends on what I’m doing. When I work out, I listen to a lot of heavy music, like this band called Gala. When I’m at home, it’s more mellow because of the kids. I listen to Band of Horses, J-Roddy Walston and the Business, Bright Eye, Oasis, Travis. Then when I’m in the car by myself, I listen to all the music that I love. I’m a Blink fan, I’m a Green Day fan, I like Fallout Boy, Yellow Card, All Time Low, The Maine. I’m kind of all over the board.

What’s the most embarrassing song we can find on your iPod?
I’m one that doesn’t believe in guilty pleasures. I like what I like and I’m not ashamed to like it. I’m trying to think of a song that you might think would be embarrassing for me to listen to…

What about like, bubble-gum pop 90’s music?
For some reason, I have the Mamma Mia soundtrack on my iPod. I got in the car with my girlfriend and when I plugged my iPod in, it goes straight to ‘A,’ and so ABBA came on. And it was kind of embarrassing ’cause it came on really loud and grand and I was like, "What is this?"

Have you ever wooed a girl with music?
Absolutely! Many. That was my go-to. That’s why you get into a band. I thought the band was my ticket to meeting girls. That’s what your world revolves around when you’re younger.

Which of your songs is the go-to for getting girls?
There is a song called "Seasons" and that used to be the one. It’s on our first record. We wrote it when we were like, 17. Now definitely it’s the big go-to song.

There’s this song on the album called "Last Night". What’d you do last night?
Last night was pretty mellow for me. I was just home because I had to get up early today. Last night was probably not the most interesting night for anyone to hear about. I went home, me and my girlfriend watched TV, and just had wine and did nothing.

Is that typical for you guys?
Yeah, but I think I go out harder than Nicole does. She goes out, but every time she does, people talk about it for like, three weeks. So it’s like she went out every day for three weeks. I go out 30 times and one time, people talk about it. I’ve settled down since I had kids, for sure. But I definitely go out a lot. I like to go out. But more often than not, Nicole stays home and I go out.

What’s been your craziest fan encounter?
Among any other band’s fans, we have the most dedicated fans. We have so many Good Charlotte tattoos out there. Hundreds of people have lyrics I wrote tattooed on them. But one time, a fan bit me.

Oh my god!
Like, jumped on me, bit my neck, drew blood. It was painful, crazy…

And creepy!
They were like "Everybody calm down," pulled her off me, and I was pretty calm about it. I didn’t even know I was bleeding yet. Then they said "Why did you do that?" She was just like, "Uh, I don’t know!" It was a really weird encounter.

Speaking of fans, we’ve been a fan of you guys since high school.
Really? Wow!

We don’t have your first album, but we have every one in between.

You what’s funny? Everyone’s like "the first album’s my favorite!" But I feel like that’s just something people say because not that many people have that record. And it’s not really that good. We were really young and we weren’t really good musicians yet. You should check it out. Just burn it offline. It’s okay. But "Cardiology" is our best record yet.

Really? "Good Morning Revival" is our fave.
Oh, wow. Cool. That was my favorite, too, until we made this one. Can’t wait for everyone to hear it.

Are you going to pick up Good Charlotte’s new album? Have you been fans of their forevs like we have? Tell us below!