Dangerous Stunt Almost Left Popular YouTubers Seriously Injured

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If you’ve ever watched Joe Sugg or Caspar Lee‘s YouTube videos, then you know that once they commit to something — they do NOT back down. Whether it’s the 25-year-old’s spot-on impressions, or the 22-year-old’s hilarious “relationship” channel with Eva Gutowski, these guys always go big or go home (spoiler alert: they never go home).

It’s the YouTubers’ need to push themselves to the extreme that inspired them to make Joe & Caspar Hit the Road USA, a sequel to their debut film Hit the Road), where they take on five crazy dares, no matter how high the risk. While Joe and Caspar were heavily involved in the making of most of the flick, producers kept the challenges secret, which ended up being pretty darn scary.

“When we were in Tucson, Arizona, we did this thing called chute dogging … Basically, they have a bull in a cage and then you hold a lever down and it releases the bull, who goes flying out of his cage, and you have to try and see if you can wrestle this cow, or bull, to the ground by its horns…” Joe told us. “They didn’t have corks on its horns or anything. It was full-on; you could get gored by these things! We were very worried to do it because we watched the guy do it first — the professional — and we were like, ‘NO! There’s no way!’ But we gave it a go and you’ll see what happens.”

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BBC Worldwide

While the boys’ time on the road (pun intended) together was very exciting, they were SUPER busy, so they had no time to pull their infamous pranks on each other. But even though there was no pranking happening during the filming of this movie, we still HAD to ask ’em about the past. Here’s what Joe said was his fave prank he pulled on Caspar:

“I think the funniest prank I’ve done on Caspar was the balloon one, where I filled his room with balloons. That’s the one I’m most proud of, as well, because that was all night; he was away and we were blowing these balloons up all night…It was me and Ollie [White] and it was a race against time because the sun was coming up and we were like, ‘He’s gonna be back in probably about four or five hours — we need to get this finished.’ He just saw the balloons at first, but he also didn’t realize that we had Ollie hidden in the balloons in a clown outfit!”

As for Caspar’s favorite prank he played on Joe? The one where his mom got involved!

“Joe just wasn’t expecting that at all. I was controlling what [my mum] said through an earpiece and she was saying some really funny things, asking some very funny questions.”

Zoella‘s brother remembers the prank, too.

“I was thinking, ‘Surely this can’t be — surely she’s not saying this!’ But then it’s someone’s mom who wouldn’t normally get involved in that sort of thing. I didn’t have the confidence to be like, ‘You’re pranking me,’ because if she was telling the truth it would’ve made it even more awkward and weird. It was a horrible situation.”

Although the pranks, movies, etc. allowed these stars to wrack up a cool 14.2 million subscribers on YT combined, they haven’t let the fame go to their heads.

Joe said: “We feel very, very lucky to be in the situation that we’re in — just to be able to make this cool, long form content together. Every night we’d find ourselves kind of like, ‘Wow, I can’t believe how much fun we’re having.’ There wasn’t a moment when we weren’t like, ‘We’re really, really lucky.'”

Joe & Caspar Hit the Road USA hits theaters on November 10.

Joe and Caspar aren’t the only YouTube besties who also lived together: