Bless Our JoBro-Lovin’ Hearts, Nick and Joe Sang “Lovebug” Over the Weekend!

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We can’t believe that it has been almost five whole years since the Jonas Brothers officially broke up as a band. As much as we miss seeing Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas jamming out together on stage, we have to admit that they each have gone on to do some pretty amazing things.

Nick’s solo career has truly taken off and he has given us hits like “Chains” and “Jealous,” while Joe’s band, DNCE, is continually making #1 hits. Although Kevin isn’t currently making music, he’s super into entrepreneurship and is busy being a dad.

It’s obvious that breaking up the band was the best thing for the brothers to do, and their bond has only grown stronger. They’re constantly promoting each other’s projects and always post the sweetest pictures together. Over the weekend, Nick and Joe took it all up a notch when they hit the stage together to sing their song, “Lovebug,” at the SunFest Music Festival. Both bros were scheduled performers at the Florida festival, but at the end of Nick’s solo set, Joe made a surprise appearance.


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You can tell from the video that everyone in the audience collectively lost their minds and were able to remember all the lyrics from the popular tune and, honestly, we can’t blame them. We love that they went more old school with this reunion and dusted off a song that definitely doesn’t get enough recognition. Listening to this makes us dream of the days that we still had new JoBro music to look forward to and we’ll be having our Jonas Brothers playlist on repeat in honor of the epic reunion.