Joe Jonas Sued for Negligence Following Car Accident That Left Woman Injured

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You might think you have to be driving a car in order to be sued for a crash, but that’s apparently not the case. A woman is suing Joe Jonas because his assistant, who was driving his car, crashed into her vehicle and allegedly caused mental and physical harm.

According to TMZ, the assistant (whose name is not known at this time) was driving the DNCE singer’s 2012 Audi A6 in Hollywood in March 2016 when she made a left turn in an intersection and hit the woman’s car. No police report was filed at the time and there were no witnesses, according to lawyer Gerald Marcus.

When the legal firm later ran the vehicle’s plates the team realized it belonged to JJ.

It is not known if the 28-year-old crooner was in the car at the time of the crash, but in any case both he and his assistant are on the receiving end of the lawsuit. The woman claims, according to the website, that she was “injured in the collision and has endured mental and physical pain, incurred medical expenses and lost earnings.”

The news of the lawsuit comes about three weeks after the former Jonas Brothers member almost fell victim to a home invasion while he was away filming The Voice in Sydney, Australia.

An unidentified person was spotted messing with the security cameras outside the Joe’s home in San Fernando Valley, California, around 9 p.m. on February 8. Fortunately, the perpetrator triggered the alarm system, and the “Kissing Strangers” singer’s team was alerted that something was going on. The suspect fled the scene and has not yet been caught.

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Joe has not spoken out on the attempted break-in or the car-accident lawsuit.