Why’s Joe Jonas Changing Up His Michael Bublé Sound?

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The original plan for Joe Jonas was to go for a softer, Michael Bublé-esque sound on his upcoming solo record, but not anymore! Word has it that the middle JoBro is taking a completely different approach to his as-of-yet-untitled solo project…

Joe told InStyle magazine:

“I began writing it with a Michael Bublé mentality, but now I’m switching gears a bit.”

He’ll be collaborating with electropop singer/producer FrankMusik for a more upbeat, dancey sound!

“He’s awesome. We’ve gone through a couple of different sounds.”

There’s no official deets on the album as of yet, but it’ll prob hit shelves sometime in early 2011. Are you excited for Joe’s record? Or do you prefer him singing with Nick and Kevin? Sound off now!