You Guys, Joe Jonas Is About to Become a Movie Star

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If you think Joe Jonas is the biggest overachiever of the moment, that would be correct. As if two fall tours and a debut solo album wasn’t ambitious enough, now it’s confirmed that Joe is about to star in his very first movie. Because we all know Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience doesn’t count.

Anyway, what’s the dealio on Joe’s flick?

The movie is, um, well, we’re not sure, but it sounds pretty cool. Joe said:

“The storyline is still bare bones, but I will say (the main character) has a specific dream that he wants to accomplish, and it’s the good and the bad he has to go through to get there. It’s going to be an older-feeling kind of movie. it’s a little bit of everything.”

So, Joe will be the main character and a co-producer on the as-of-yet-untitled film. Are you excited for Joe’s film debut? Tell us!