Joe Jonas Totally Scored At Polo But Not Like That (Pic)

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Those Jonas Brothers sure know how to pick ’em! Nick Jonas is dating a super hot and much-older-than-him Australian singer who looks like a model, and now big bro Joe is rumored to be flirting it up with a-little-bit-younger Karlie Kloss, who actually is a model. Looks like all you’ve gotta do to snag a JoBro is become a leggy blonde. Easy peasy.

So, what where Joe and Karlie doin’?

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Oh, ya know, just hanging out at a Polo match in California where Prince William and Kate Middleton were the honorees. NBD. Joe and Karlie shared a booth at the event and um, here’s to hoping Joe scored. And from the looks of these flirty pics? We’re thinkin’ yes.

Do you think Joe and Karlie are a couple? Should they date? Or do you prefer Joe with Ashley? We wanna know below!