Joe Jonas Chats New Single, Upcoming Tour(s)…and Compliments Us On Our Shoes (Exclusive Video)

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If we told you Joe Jonas wasn’t the cutest person we’ve ever laid eyes on, we’d be lying. Because before the concert that we got VIP access (and exclusive pics!) to, we were lucky enough to chat with Joe about his tours with Jay Sean and Britney Spears, his upcoming single “Just In Love”, how his fans (that means you guys!) have matured with him, and much more. And it’s not in the video, but Joe complimented us on the sparkly shoes we were wearing and we’re still not over it. Promise that happened.

Oh, and we also snuck some exclusive concert footage into this vid for your viewing and listening pleasure. Watch on!

MORE: Check out Joe’s steamy pics from the concert! You know you want to…

Hint: There might be guests (aka Chris Brown?) going on tour with him! Okay. We’ll shut up now so you can watch the video. Enjoy!

Do you think you’ll be going to see Joe in concert if/when he comes to a town near you? Did this video make you excited to see Joe perform? What’s your fave song of his so far? Show Joe some love in the comments!

– Kristen Kraemer