Listen Up: Joe Jonas Fastlife Is Finally Here!

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After what feels like months and months, Joe Jonas‘ debut album Fastlife is finally here! AND it’s already in the top ten on iTunes. Congrats, Joe! And after listening to all the songs (!) about a billion times, we think we can tell who each song is about; “Sorry” could be dedicated to Demi Lovato or Taylor Swift. “Just In Love” is probably about Camilla Belle. “Make You Mine” is about us. Just kidding, except not really. So, who is “Kleptomaniac” written for?

Joe told us back in August that he’s just in love with us how excited he is to be taking this solo journey, and we totes think he’s ready to hit Europe with Britney. We also think he’s ready to ask Taylor for that duet. Just sayin’.

Listen to “Fastlife” below:

1. “All This Time”
2. “Just In Love
3. “See No More
4. “Love Slayer
5. “Fastlife”
6. “Make You Mine”
7. “Sorry”
8. “Kleptomaniac”
9. “Not Right Now”
10. “Take It and Run”
11. “Lighthouse” (featuring Chris Brown)
12. “Just In Love” Remix (featuring Lil Wayne)

What is your favorite song on Fastlife? Do you like Joe’s new sound? Will you pick up the album? Who else would you like to see Joe collab with besides Weezy and Chris Brown? Ready… go!