21 Gross Tweets Sent to Joe Jonas That You Will Immediately Regret Reading

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We’ve already established that fans send Nick Jonas and (even) Kevin Jonas seriously X-rated tweets on the reg, so why would middle bro Joe Jonas be any different? The 28-year-old may be engaged to Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner, but he hasn’t officially tied the knot yet and we don’t think that fans will let go of their fantasies for him even after their wedding.

And while we can’t blame these followers for liking this JoBro just a little too much — he has been killing it lately as DNCE‘s lead, after all — we can question their approach. Because if scrolling through NSFW messages like this make us want to squeeze our eyes shut, we can’t imagine what Joe thinks when he sees them on Twitter. Or worse yet, Sophie!

All we can say is, proceed with caution. You’ve been warned…

1. What the ACTUAL f*ck!?

2. Thanks, but no thanks.

3. LOL.

4. Appreciate the honesty.

5. Cool story, bro.

6. We have no words.

7. Good luck with that.

8. Nah.

9. Keeping it simple.

10. DEAD.

11. Um…

12. Please stop.

13. HA.

14. Thanks for sharing.

15. Talk about TMI.

16. Ew.

17. How romantic.

18. Points for creativity!

19. Maybe not.

20. Ouch.

21. Good luck with that.