The Lie Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato Told That Had Everyone Fooled

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Getting stuck in an elevator can be a terrifying experience. It’s never happened to us at Teen.com, but just thinking about being enclosed in a steel box while dangling who knows how many feet in the air, not knowing when you’re going to get out, gives us heart palpitations. Kendall & Kylie Jenner now know the feeling, after being trapped in one for 20 minutes during New York Fashion Week. The younger of the two siblings even called the experience her “worst nightmare” while documenting it on Snapchat. You know who doesn’t know the feeling, though? Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato.

Over the weekend, the 27-year-old former Jonas Brothers crooner posted a video on Snapchat of his Camp Rock co-star ex and his bandmates from DNCE, saying that they’ve been trapped in an elevator four 4 hours:

Honestly, we felt SO bad for them. Like, what if one of them was claustrophobic or had to pee? But, as it turns out, not only did they all survive the terrifying ordeal, unscathed, there wasn’t even an ordeal!

“It was a lot less dramatic. It was a total prank and we fooled everyone,” Joe told People. “I made the video saying we got stuck in the elevator, but we really weren’t. But I guess it’s bad karma to say that because I don’t want to get stuck in the elevator anytime soon.”

He continued, “[Demi and I] were talking yesterday and I said, ‘I think we fooled everyone because it’s on every press site,’ but we really weren’t stuck in the elevator.”

Umm… good one?
The Camp Rock cast members sure love their co-stars. Just look at all the ones who hooked up with at least one: