16 of the Dirtiest Tweets Swifties Wrote About Taylor’s Bae, Joe Alwyn

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As all Swifties know, Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn like to keep their relationship on the DL. Considering she’s one of the most famous pop stars on the planet right now, that makes total sense. But still, that doesn’t mean we’re not super curious to learn more about her D-list bae.

While we may be waiting a while (or forever) for Taylor and Joe to let fans see more of their relationship, that hasn’t stopped many fans from tweeting all about the 27-year-old British actor. That’s right, fam! Some of Taylor’s fans have written some pretty thirsty tweets about Joe, proving that, apparently, more people than just Taylor think he’s — wait for it — gorgeous! Don’t believe us? Scroll through and cringe at the tweets for yourself: