YouTube Star Hospitalized After Getting Shot in Robbery Gone Wrong

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YouTubers often use clickbait to get people to watch their videos, so when we saw that Joanna Franco of Damon and Jo posted one with the title, “I GOT SHOT AND THIS IS WHAT I LEARNED,” we didn’t immediately believe her. Call us naïve, but we were intrigued and clicked on the vid anyway. Shockingly enough, the 24-year-old was NOT lying.

The travel blogger and YouTube star took a trip to her home country of Brazil last week to celebrate Carnival. Everything was going great and she was having an amazing time with her family…until the car ride home. Jo says she was going to call an Uber, but her aunt and uncle insisted on driving her back from the party “because it was getting late and it might be dangerous.”

“In the blink of an eye, everything changed,” she wrote on her blog. “As we turned down a dark street in their neighborhood, I saw a man standing with a gun pointing directly at my head, as he stood in front of his motorcycle to block the road in an attempt to steal the next car that came down the street…. Pops from their guns started exploding into the air, and as I heard the noise and smelled the fresh gun powder, I ducked down just in time to see the red flame burst out of a pistol pointed directly at my face. I crouched down on my 15-year-old cousin’s lap, seeing the men’s hands and guns point towards all directions of the car, as my uncle attempted to accelerate us out of that situation. We were out of sight, and seemingly unscratched. And then I felt heat accumulate in my body, after a moment of lost breath.”

The Brazilian-American Internet star had been shot in the back. Luckily, she was able to keep calm and her uncle drove her straight to the hospital where the doctors determined that the bullet was stuck in her back, but because it only hit muscle tissue they didn’t have to take it out. Jo was going to be sore for a while, but ultimately would make a full recovery.

“I’m just so thankful and so lucky that I’m okay,” she told People magazine.

Jo also talked about the scary experience on her YT channel, which you can watch below:

Joanna is so lucky to be alive. Unfortunately, these YouTubers were all killed by a gunman: