Awkward! YouTube Gamer Accidentally Shows the Entire World His GF’s Boobs

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It’s not completely unheard of for a celebrity to accidentally post a naked picture of themselves online, but to have your significant other unintentionally show the world your ~goodies~ is much more rare. Unfortunately, YouTube gamer Joel Morris, better know as JMX, learned the hard way that it’s not impossible to miss a seriously NSFW moment in a video he edited.

The 18-year-old FIFA star and his girlfriend, model Jessica Rose, were chatting with fans on Omegle in a recent video when people noticed something pretty ~interesting~ — the brunette beauty’s left nipple was completely visible through her sheer red bra.

Once JMX notice, he quickly deleted the video, re-edited it to censor the clip, and posted it again in hopes that people would forget what happened. Unfortunately, however, the Internet is forever and the original NSFW vid is still floating around for people to see.

Jessica hasn’t commented on the incident, and Joel only let people know that he’s the one who removed the video and it didn’t get deleted for violating YouTube’s nudity policy.

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