8 Big-Name Celebrities Who J.K. Rowling Shut the Eff DOWN on Twitter

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J.K. Rowling is isn’t technically royal, but she’s honestly QUEEN. Not only did she bring one of the most beautiful literary stories that completely changed how young adult-fiction was distributed to life (Harry Potter is one of the best things to ever happen — don’t fight us on this), but she also consistently dishes out the best disses on Twitter, usually to people who are highly deserving. While some celebrities choose to bite their tongues to not stir up drama, this author basically rushes to get involved.

The HP creator uses her platform as one of the biggest writers of our time to not only give an inside scoop on all things Wizarding World, but also to express her opinions on the current political state. With over 12 million followers, Twitter is the main way that Jo interacts with fans and shares content. Although most of her tweets focus on charities, her books and spreading a positive message, she sometimes uses her way with words to create some of the most epic comebacks we have ever seen.

No one is safe from the 52-year-old’s epic disses, even her fellow celebrities. No matter who you are, J.K. Rowling will call you out for your words and actions, and we are totally here for it, TBH. Basically, if something effed up happens in Hollywood, there’s a good chance that the British billionaire will get involved with some savagery. We rounded up all of the famous folks she shaded on Twitter and, not gonna lie, we love her even MORE after reliving them all.