17 Times J.K. Rowling was the Most Savage Person of 2017

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The Internet has been hard lately. Every bit of news appears to be proving the idea that, to paraphrase the punchline of a New Yorker cartoon, staying well-informed is the antithesis of self-care. But you know what has makes the Internet slightly more bearable lately? J.K. Rowling‘s very excellent Twitter account. Rowling’s Twitter presence has always been objectively great, but lately, she seems to have devoted it solely to speaking out against the recent injustices that have been occurring — and, most notably, calling out people who get in her mentions and try to argue with her.

Obviously, the world will not be saved by a few incendiary tweets from a wealthy author with 9.73 million Twitter followers, who is, for whatever reason, of the habit of checking her mentions regularly, just as it will not be saved by people asserting that Trump is actually, like, Voldemort or something. (Not impossible to argue, but also not particularly helpful. In my opinion!) Still, it is nice to see someone who wields a lot of influence actually using it without fear of retribution (ahem, Taylor Swift, etc.) and, of course, it is soothing to see random Twitter Eggs get roasted by one of the most successful authors of all time. So, check out these tweets from J.K. Rowling that might just inspire you to get through the year, and, hopefully, take some action yourself:

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