J.K. Rowling Apologizes for Killing Off This Beloved Harry Potter Character

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Personally, we’re not sure why she had to bring up such bad memories, but we guess whatever helps you sleep at night, J.K. Rowling. Whatever helps you sleep at night…

On the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts yesterday, the famed author decided to take to Twitter to apologize for yet ANOTHER death in the Harry Potter universe. This time, she decided to say she’s sorry for killing the beloved house elf from the series. Yes, we’re talking about Dobby.

In case you may have forgotten — which, if you did, HOW COULD YOU? — Dobby was the brave little house elf who first appeared in Chamber of Secrets, in which he served the Malfoy family. Thankfully, Harry managed to free Dobby from the evil fam when he tricked Lucius into freeing Dobby by giving him a single sock, which was super rad.

But then, after many solid experiences with Dobby pretty much saving everyone’s butts multiple times throughout the series, J.K. decided to kill off the beloved character for reasons that are still unclear, even to her apparently. We still need answers, J.K.

Anyway, a similar thing happened last year on the same day. The famed writer apologized for killing Severus Snape:

And years before that, she also offered up apologies for the deaths of Lupin and Fred Weasley. These apologies are nice and all, but they won’t bring them back, J.K.! They just won’t!