12 Times Jimmy Fallon Proved His Utter Perfection

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Jimmy Fallon has had the reigns of The Tonight Show for exactly a week now, and he's already more than proved he's the right man for the job. From The Evolution of Hip Hop dancing with Will Smith to Kristen Wiig's hilarious Harry Styles impression, we can't wait to see what week two has in store.

And speaking of, since it's Man Crush Monday, we figured what better way to celebrate Jimmy being on the air for a full week than to crown him with this week's title. In honor of the late night funny man, we rounded up 12 times he proved he's basically perfect in every way. It was definitely hard to narrow it down, but see our picks below!

1. Anything and everything he does with Justin Timberlake.


2. His FLAWLESS Harry Styles impression.


3. The fact that he's BFFs with Tina Fey.


4. His Real Housewives of Late Night bit.


5. That time he let Harrison Ford pierce his ear.


6. Fever Pitch


7. The fact that he's a master of impressions in general.


8. The fact that he's always excited about everything all the time always.


9. That time he got Robert Pattinson in on the "Bothered" shenanigans.


10. When he hosted the 2010 Emmys and danced on stage with the cast of Glee, Tina Fey, Jon Hamm, and more.


11. Thank You Notes


12. Ew (Need we say more?)


What's your favorite thing about Jimmy? Sound off in the comments section!

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