Why Jessie J is Nervous for Fans to Hear New Music After Years Without Album

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Jessie J has been a force to be reckoned with ever since she skyrocketed to fame with her 2011 single, “Price Tag.” Her music topped the charts and she went on to open for Katy Perry and has collaborated with some of the greats like Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj. Now, the 29-year-old is gearing up to release her new tunes and we got to chat with her thanks to M&M’s to discuss why she’s taken her time with this upcoming album.

“I feel like I did in 2011; it’s the feeling of a first date again,” the musician said. “I’ve got butterflies and I’m wondering why I am feeling nervous. It’s exciting and nerve-racking, but it’s nice to finally let people hear my music.”

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It’s been three years since her last CD came out and while fans have been not-so patiently waiting to hear new jams, she doesn’t feel bad about taking her time to create the best album she can.

She explained, “It hasn’t been just a matter of being, ‘Okay, I’m ready to write a new album now.’ I’m definitely someone who relates to the process of coming into the new age of being a woman, especially in the next stage of my life. I’m way more calm, I’m way more chill, I’m definitely learning a lot about myself. I’ve been through a lot, so everything I’m writing is very diary-like. There’s nothing that I have held back on, and I think the feeling of this new album is real. You know, it’s not even an album yet; I’ve just been writing and enjoying the process of writing music the way I did when I was younger.”

While JJ doesn’t know when the full CD will be completed, she DOES have a new song called “Real Deal!” The British beauty partnered with M&M’s to release a snippet of it on bitesizedbeats.com. The interactive website has users try to match the beats to the track, and if they’re successful, they’ll get a longer preview as a prize.

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“I just loved the whole concept of the campaign,” she told us. “I love the mystery. The fact that it’s a two-way effort and makes the people who want to hear it have to work for it. I mean, I love M&Ms and just kind of the whole opportunity of releasing music in a different way. It’s cool and unique and I am always about that. I never want to be doing something that’s not inclusive of music. To me, its just a great way for kids to be creative and win something that means so much to me and means so much to them.”

This is definitely getting super excited for what’s to come! Jessie said she’s “written pretty much every song” with “maybe one or two co-writes,” but there are some (read: a LOT) people she’s absolutely DY-ING to work with in the future.

“I’d love to do a song with Rihanna or Beyonce. There are so many people! I would love to work with Jay-Z, I think he’s incredible. Eminem and Pink! Oh, Adele! I have to do Adele one day. Yeah I’ll just call her up and sing “Hello” to her. I don’t think she would appreciate it, I’m sure everyone in her life does it to her.”

We know that the wait will definitely be worth it, but in the mean time be sure to head to bitesizedbeats.com and listen to “Real Deal,” out now!