Jessie J vs. Jessie J: Which of Her New Tracks Are You Obsessing Over? (First Listen!)

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Jessie JWe’re a little late (or maybe not?), but we finally decided to fully jump on the Jessie J bandwagon. Obvs, we were huge fans of her Katy Perry-esque music vid for “Nobody’s Perfect.” And she completely rocked the 2011 VMAs. But since we’ve been jammin’ out to two of her new(ish) tracks, like, all weekend long, we thought it was time to take the plunge. The only dilemma we’re having with her is deciding which of her latest songs we like better — “Domino” or her collab with David Guetta, “Repeat!”

And this is where we need you to come in…

Help us decide which of Jessie J’s songs deserves the #1 spot on our most played playlist. Listen to both below!

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So, what do ya think? If you just had to choose, which song is ultimately better — “Domino” or “Repeat?” You have to decide, so let us know here.