Sexual Assault and Physical Abuse Leads to YouTube Star’s Mental Breakdown

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Many YouTubers had rough childhoods, but Jessica Arevalo dealt with things we can’t even imagine. The 31-year-old fitness guru says she always wanted to tell her story, but put it off again and again…until now. “I wanted to share my story because I know there’s a lot of girls out there that need a source to look to, maybe for hope, maybe for inspiration,” she explained.

Jessica was “six, seven, eight, or something” when she started being sexually abused by her uncle. But while she now understands that she was the victim of molestation, at the time she had no idea.

“I honestly thought getting molested meant…I always thought it was rape,” she said in a 2-part video to give viewers a look into her childhood. “I didn’t know; I wasn’t educated. I never even knew I was a victim…it’s almost like you felt like you were a part of it because it was happening and they make you feel like you’re their girlfriend of something. It’s really sick, actually. It happened for a really long time.”

While the YT star knows what happened to her, she actually blocked out a lot of memories and she can’t remember much from the time.

In addition to being the victim of sexual abuse, she was also physically and mentally harmed by her mother who was addicted to drugs.

“She started becoming extremely, extremely mentally abusive to me [when I was in middle school]. I think I was just more of the easy target…and so I remember I got to a point when she would mentally break me down and as soon as I started crying she would walk away. It was almost like her satisfaction.”

Eventually, Jessica became totally overwhelmed by the abuse.

“I remember there were a few times where I broke down and I hid in the closet and I was crying, but it was in like a moaning crying. I think I had a mental breakdown. I just couldn’t handle my mom’s mental abuse anymore. She just broke me down a couple times. Her words just pierced me, because I loved her.”

The brunette got sick of the mental abuse and she started talking back to her mother, which resulted in physical abuse. When she got older, Jessica started self-harming, smoking and taking sleeping pills. While she “didn’t see a light at the end of the tunnel” for a long time, she eventually started working out and reading the Bible every day, something that she says helped her deal with her anxiety and learn to love herself.

We cannot even begin to imagine the pain Jessica faced when she was young and give her SO much credit for opening up in order to help others.

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