Turns Out, a YouTube Star Might Not Even be the Father of His ~Secret Kid~

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It was almost a year ago that YouTube star Jesse Wellens of PrankVsPrank revealed to the world that he has a secret daughter who he was trying to find. Pretty shocking, right? The YouTuber eventually deleted the tweets and stopped talking about his past, but nobody forgot what he said. Now, he’s finally ready to give the details.

When Jesse was 19 years old, his girlfriend came to his boot-camp graduation and told him she was pregnant with his baby. While he was obviously shocked, he “took responsibility” and wanted to raise the child. The YouTuber had to leave again to go to another military school, but the girl moved in with his parents and the two stayed in contact throughout the two months that he was away. At some point, however, one of Jesse’s friends let him know that his supposed baby mama thought two other guys could be the father of her unborn child.

“I’m over here thinking I’m the dad — she’s living with my parents! And I’m doing the numbers and I’m like, ‘It doesn’t really add up. The only way that child could be mine is if she got pregnant that very last day before I joined boot camp based on the amount of time she was pregnant and when I left,'” he said.

The 34-year-old asked for a paternity test, but she refused because she decided to give the baby up for adoption. Jesse was actually able to stay in communication with the adoptive parents because he was named as the father on the child’s birth certificate, but then he got cut off completely when she turned six.

“I didn’t know if it was because maybe she found out that I might not be the dad…or maybe she was nervous because I was getting kinda popular on the Internet…I just lost all communication and I never found out. To this day, there’s a 33.3 percent chance that that’s my daughter and I don’t know. That just freaks me out every day.”

The YT star doesn’t want to “interrupt anything that’s happened in this family for her,” but he says he “needs to know” if he’s really her father. You can watch Jesse’s full video below:

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