YouTube Star Turns to Drugs Following a Very “Dark Time” in Life

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To say Jesse Wellens of the YouTube channel PrankvsPrank had a rough couple years would be an understatement. First, the 34-year-old’s mother was reported missing, only to be found dead about a week later. Then, he and his girlfriend of 10 years, Jeana Smith, decided to break up. Finish things off by throwing in a teenager who may or may not actually be his long-lost-daughter, and you have an emotionally exhausted Jesse.

The YouTuber recently made a video where he acknowledged how tough things have been for him and said he doesn’t want to be an inspiration to people because he turned to drugs to get through the hardships.

“There was a big dark time in my life that was recent, you know, recent events that happened in my life that were pretty dark and hard on someone’s mental health and I went to weed to help numb those problems,” he explained.

Basically, Jesse didn’t want to go to a psychiatrist and get prescription pills for depression, so he chose to use marijuana instead.

“I’m terrified of pharmaceutical companies, I’ll be honest. So, instead of me going, ‘Oh, sure let me take this pill that’s going to make me not be depressed and stressed anymore,’ instead I went to marijuana. Smoking weed definitely numbed some of this pain that I was feeling and helped me get through the day, helped me get out of bed, helped me make creative things, helped me just survived. And it worked.”

You can watch JW’s whole chat below:

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