The “Toxic” Reason Why One of YouTube’s Most Popular Couples Broke Up

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When Jeana Smith and Jesse Wellens announced their split just over a month ago, the whole world was blindsided; the YouTube couple just seemed so perfect together, you know? But now, after many tears and even a scandal or two, the male half of PrankvsPrank is finally ready to reveal why he and his longtime love decided to call it quits.

Jesse appeared on Shane Dawson’s video podcast, Shane & Friends, and told the host that daily vlogging for years was ultimately the catalyst in the demise of their decade-long relationship.

“It was great in the beginning but then it slowly…it kinda like polluted our relationship and made it toxic,” he said.

The brunette admitted that he and Jeana realized they “were doing stuff for the vlog and not for [their] relationship anymore,” and that’s what made then sit down and reevaluate their lives.

But even though the mega-popular YT pranking duo is no longer dating or daily vlogging, they still love and care for each other greatly.

“We still love each other greatly and we still have lots of respect for each other.”

A little less than three weeks ago, the 33-year-old made her first post-split update video where she basically confirmed Jesse’s sentiments.

“We still love and care about each other,” she said. “I’m always there for him. We’ve experienced so much together in life and I guess now we are going to try and experience things individually and see what it’s like.”

We’re still not over the fact that BFvsGF is no more, but it makes us happy that the pair is trying to remain close through the whirlwind.


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