The Video That Has the World Thinking Your Fave YouTube Pair is Back Together

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When Jesse Wellens and Jeana Smith of PrankvsPrank announced their breakup about three months ago, the world was in absolute shock. After dating for 10 years and creating two of the most successful YouTube channels around, no one expected their relationship to come to an end. But things happen, and life goes on. Although the 33-year-old man said creating videos every day for years was “toxic” for their relationship,it’s a vid that is making people think the dynamic duo are giving their love a try once more.

Even immediately after breaking up, the 33-year-olds always said they wanted to remain friends because they had been in each other’s lives for so long. But you know how it is — people always say that. Well, Jeana and Jesse are either really keeping try to their word, or something more is going on, becuase they’ve been spending a ton of time together lately.

While the hang sesh obviously mad fans’ hearts explode, it was a recent video uploaded to the BFvsGF channel that had them freaking the eff out. In it, Jeana and Jesse filmed together for the first time in months, and looked super cozy while doing so.

Needless to say, the world is pretty positive the YouTubers are AT LEAST in the process of getting back together, thanks to the not-so-subtle hints they’ve been dropping lately.

WDYT? Are Jeana and Jesse back together, or are they simply just good friends? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

This wouldn’t be the first time a former YT couple filmed a video together after breaking up…