Jesse McCartney’s “Simple Thing” is, We’ll Say It, A Little Too Simple (First Listen!)

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Jesse McCartney


Sorry, Jesse McCartney fans, we don’t mean to be rude. But we’ve been waiting for, like, years for Have It All to drop, and now we’re getting a little disappointed. We were big supporters of “License” (which we still don’t even know if it’s gonna be on JMac’s upcoming album), but now with his newly leaked, “Simple Thing (Called Love),” we’re getting kinda — please, don’t hate us — bored. It just seems kinda old school for singer who’s now in his mid-20’s.

Could just be us though. Listen to the song below and tell us your thoughts!

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Alright, let us have it. Obvs we stated our opinions, but we wanna know yours! Are you loving Jesse’s new song? Or do you agree with us? Spill here.