EXCLUSIVE: 6 Things We Learned From Our Date With Jesse McCartney

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Mondays tend to suck, but when you’re hanging out with Jesse McCartney they become the greatest day of the week! Yesterday, we got the opportunity to hang out with JMac on top of the Empire State Building in NYC to celebrate the release of his brand-new CD, “In Technicolor” (in stores today)! Try not to be too jealous, though, because we’re giving you all the details about our ~date~ with the 26-year-old singer so you can feel like you were there, too. Just as good, right? Right!

So, while you’re busy listening to “In Technicolor” (stay tuned for a full album review!) on repeat like we know you are, you might as well take some time to scroll through the gallery below to read all the juicy tidbits Jesse gave us yesterday. Seriously, though — all Jesse fans are definitely going to want to read this one. Let’s just say we weren’t too shy to bring back his Dream Street days. Oh yeah…we went there! Click through now: