11 Feels You’ll Feel While Listening to Jesse McCartney’s New Album, “In Technicolor”

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Jesse McCartney’s new album “In Technicolor” has been out since yesterday, and although we’ve been listening to it on repeat ever since, we seriously needed the 24 hours to process its amazingness — it’s THAT good. After speaking to Jesse the other day, we knew the CD would be a funky blend of pop, R&B and soul, but we were not prepared to be completely and utterly blown away by the tunes!

Whether you were a die-hard fan of Jesse’s early days in Summerland and Dream Street or have only heard his music on the radio occasionally, we promise you’re going to LOVE this album! And what better way to describe just how much we’re enjoying the music than to express our emotions in the best way possible: GIFs!

“In Technicolor Part I:” The opening track of any CD is super important — it gives you a taste of what’s to come! And after listening to this title track, we already know we’re in for a loooong battle with all. The. Feels.

“Superbad:” Seriously, how can you not get up and dance to this?! It’s virtually impossible.

“Back Together:” And speaking of dancing, we definitely want to dance when we hear this one. The retro vibes are intoxicating, so, just being honest here, the funky tune deserves funky dances only!



“The Other Guy:” Break our hearts a little more why don’t ya, Jesse? Who would’ve thought we’d ever feel sorry for a guy wrapped up in a love triangle?!

“Young Love:” If you have any road trips coming up, you need to download “Young Love” immediately! It’s perfect for driving with the windows down and singing at the top of your lungs with your BFFs.

“All About Us:” If there was ever a song that made us want to steal all of Michael Jackson’s moves, other than his own music, of course, this would be the one. Can someone teach us how to moon walk, stat?

“Goodie Bag:” Just take a minute to picture Jesse singing this song to you. Got it? Wait…ABORT, ABORT — the feels are too strong!

“Punch Drunk Recreation:” Is it weird that we might just understand the appeal of twerking thanks to this song? ‘Cause “PDR” kiiiiinda makes us want to twerk! Don’t judge us!

“Checkmate:” Every good album needs a song that can get you through some relationship drama; “Checkmate” is that song. Giiiiiirl, what were you thinking?!

“In Technicolor Part II:” Is it getting hot in here, or is it just us? Holy sexy slow dancing music, Batman!

“Tie The Knot:” Annnnd it’s time to get up and dance again! But this time you need to grab your friends and have a dance party.

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