Must-Watch Vid: Snooki Wreaks Havoc Over in Italy for Season 4 of Jersey Shore (First Look!)

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It’s T-shirt time! Well, almost. Season 4 of Jersey Shore is getting ready to make its way back to MTV and we’re sure it’s going to be as hilarious as ever, especially since these guidos guys we’re off in filming in Italia. And even though the full-length trailer may not be out yet (more on that in a sec), we snatched up a sneak peek clip of the new season for ya! And guess what? Snooki is already wreaking havoc over in Italy. Not surprised one bit.

Click on to catch a sneak peek at the Shore‘s season abroad!

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You can catch the new full-length season 4 trailer during the July 18 ep of Teen Wolf! And Jersey Shore comes back with all new episodes on August 4 at 10pm. Are you ready? Have you missed the GTL crew? Think this season will be just as good as the rest? Sound off in the comments!