Jersey Shore Recap: The 5 Most Ridiculously WTF Quotes from Last Night’s Ep

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Jersey Shore


We’re gonna just say it: Snooki needs to stop crying! We know she was “heartbroken” by the fact that Jionni left in the last ep, but we’d probs walk out if it were us, too. The fact that the JS girls say she wasn’t wrong just proves how much they know about relationships. And to top it all off, Mike tries to tell everyone about how he and Snooki hooked up in LA, again?! Too bad for Sitch, Snooki didn’t wanna smush him (Wonder why.) and instead, she gets her mack on with Vinny!

But out of all the craziness, we still managed to pick the top five WTF quotes from the ep below:

“I need to change myself to get married, I swear.” –Snooki
Yeah, we’re gonna assume that most husbies don’t want their wives to show off their goods in clubs. But we’re shocked Snooks is even considering marriage in her future.

“Who cares if your face is a mess? You’re feeling a mess.”Sammi
Ahh, more words of wisdom from Sammi Sweetheart. It’s amazing how much these girls talk about their looks during the most inconvenient and/or awkward times.

“You’re not gonna be Sam right now. Because in 10 minutes, you’re gonna change your mind.” –JWowwWhat makes it even more hilar is the fact that Sammi’s just sitting right there as Jenni shouts this at Snooki. But whatev, we know SS “understands” now.

“I have a feeling I’m pregnant.” –DeenaAnd the drama continues… Apparently, D hooked up with a guy before they went to Italy (meaning prior to their nights of drinking, partying, smoking, etc.). So the fact that she may’ve been prego was mayjorly scary. Fortch, their will be no baby Deena Nicoles in the near future.

“Mike is definitely doing the same thing as he does in Jersey. Just sits in the corner with his glasses on, and looks like the biggest creep ever.”Ronnie
Since Snooki was feeling down for the entire episode, she wanted to turn their Florence house into a pseudo-Karma. So while the girls got decked out in their Jersey finest, The Situation didn’t hesitate to return to his El Creepo ways.

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