Jersey Shore Recap: The 5 Most Ridiculously WTF Quotes from Last Night’s Ep

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Holy sh-nooki. So what started out as a pretty slow ep, turned out to be one of the most drama-filled episodes of Jersey Shore in its entire history. And before we get into the most ridiculously WTF quotes from last night’s show, we just have a couple quick q’s. 1. Did Sammi and Ronnie break up again? Like really, they can’t even get through an entire ep without being “done” with each other? And 2. Is Vinny getting on anyone else’s nerves this season? He’s just so… ugh!

Okay, now for the good stuff…

“It’s called a “tag team,” not a “tag rob.”—Vinny
Seems like someone’s still bitter about last week’s robbery-filled ep. But Deena ended up apologizing to Vin, so we’re sure it won’t be brought up again.

“Marco wasting all the wine was definitely alcohol abuse.”Snooki
Poor Snooks. She ends up finding the one thing to keep her entertained at work, and her boss ends up pouring it all down the drain.

“But you two were so good today.”—Deena to Sammi
After Sammi spotted Ron dancing kinda-sorta near a girl, she got jealous (as usual). But instead of giving into her, he broke up with her on the spot. That was a long reunion.

“It’s ’bout to get real gully.”—Ronnie
We’ve never heard the term before, but we’re guessing things are about to get wild after Ron found out that Mike told everyone about Ron’s plans to bring a handful of girls to the house.

“You wanna hit me, tough guy?”The Situation
No really, just picture this. Sitch acting all Ronnie-like, hitting the walls, spewing saliva, and screaming. Not a pretty picture.

Honestly, we can’t even do the episode enough justice. But maybs these pics will help: