Jersey Shore Recap: The 5 Most Ridiculously WTF Quotes from Last Night’s Ep

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Hey, did somebody order the meatball soup (to the left)? In probs the most quoteworthy ep of Jersey Shore yet, Snooki finally stops crying and tries to have a good time with her housemates. But who was around to basc ruin everyone’s time? The Situation, obvi. He gets into fights at two clubs in two different nights, locks himself in the bathroom and starts drama with Deena. But then again, in his own words, who else would play the “bad guy?”

Find out what other WTF quotes were on last night’s ep, then tell us your faves!

“We’re losing our tan. We haven’t been to the gym. #guidoguidetteproblems” — Pauly D
Ever see those Twitter hashtags for #whitegirlproblems or #singlegirlproblems? Well, the JS cast put their own twists on it, including #meatballproblems and this little gem from Pauly.

“You’re in Mom mode, like me.” — JWoww
While Snooki and Deena are dancing their cookahs off, Jenni and Sammi try to take care of them. But they both eventch give up to just hang with each other. Never thought we’d see that happen.

“We’re not hookers. We’re just from Jersey.” –Snooki
Considering a bartender threw ice at Snooki and Deena, and other dudes just made fun of them the entire night, they were both pissed the next morning. So makes perfect sense that they dressed like they did — we’re talking a mini dress, hooker boots, and a floppy hat, all in leopard print — when they went out for breakfast.

“Be a woman, do some dishes!” –The Situation
Whoa, those are some fighting words, Mike. After trying to start a brawl at a club, we think Sitch just had some leftover energy in him to take it out on the whole house. Sexist, much?!

“I can lose weight for free. You need about $10,000 to fix your face.” –Deena
Is it wrong that we agree with Deena? Since Mike consistently calls Deena fat, she chose to spit it back in his face. And we think she won. Meatballs: 1; The Situation: -5.

For more hilarity, peep the pics from the “Situation Problems” ep: